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Gerardo was born and raised in a low-income household with socio-economic disadvantages. With the guidance and resources of the Steve & Sohyun Park Lee Foundation, Gerardo was able to develop his talent as an extraordinary soccer player while being exposed to different social and cultural environments through participation in youth tournaments around the world that fostered his growth as a student-athlete.

Over the years, the Steve & Sohyun Park Lee Foundation has helped Gerardo maintain a balance with academics while still thriving in soccer. He was given the tools and resources that eventually helped him graduate from high school and be accepted to California State University of Pomona. Now, Gerardo is the first child in his family to be accepted and attend a university.  

June, 2018

Growing up in a low-income immigrant household, Carlos showed tremendous ability as a soccer goalkeeper at the age of nine. With guidance and support from the Steve & Sohyun Park Lee Foundation, Carlos was able to build a foundation and have the organizational skills to ensure success in the classroom and on the soccer field.  

After putting in a tremendous amount of effort in the classroom and sports, Carlos graduated from high school and was granted a scholarship at University of California, Irvine. Today, Carlos is a member of UC Irvine Men’s Soccer team and is the first child in his family to be accepted and attend a university.

Sep 2019

The Foundation was happy to participate in the Pacific City Bank 3rd Annual Scholarship for freshmen and incoming college students by donating $20,000 to the cause. These scholarships assist aspiring college students achieve their dreams as tuition costs continue to rise.

May 2020

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