The Steve & Sohyun Park Lee Foundation was founded in 2008, but long before its start, Steve and Sohyun Lee were active participants of charities, as well as non-profit organizations in their community.

Now as principals of their own multifaceted non-profit foundation, they are able to focus their attention on local projects that can give hope, change lives and brighten futures.

Their mission is to change the poverty cycle of inner city youths and their families in the Los Angeles area, in an effort to better their lives and establish hope to succeed in school and life for a properous future.

Join us in giving those in need HOPE. Afterall, It's for Everyone.

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steve lee foundation educational projects

Since 2008, our foundation has provided grants to young students to attend private schools in an effort to enhance their educational opportunities.

We strongly believe that a good education is the foundation for a bright future.

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steve lee foundation homeless and skid row

From food, to holiday gifts, to monetary donations, our goal is to provide funds to nonprofits working to improve the lives of those living in our streets.

Giving to those who need it the most, is one of our highest priorities.

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steve lee foundation special projects

Form many inner city kids, sports are a physical and mental outlet from their every day struggles.

Our program funds the education of special kids that have unique sports talent and places them in private schools, so they may excel in both realms.

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